2011 Rally May 8-14

The third annual Flytec Race & Rally will once again follow the Rob Kells Memorial competition at the Florida Ridge this spring.  In order to get a jump start on getting out of Florida and into some brand new territory (that is the point of Rally, after all!), we’ll be starting this year from Quest Air.  The rest day between the Rob Kells comp and the Rally will give everyone enough time to either drive or fly up to Quest.

We’ve got even more gorgeous airfields arranged all through Georgia and Alabama.  Some folks are hoping to get well into the northeast part of Alabama to the town of Huntsville, birthplace of our own Princess Dustina.

After three years of the very best conditions coming after the Rally finished, we’ve decided to try a little later in the season this time around and will start the second week of May.  If history tells us anything, we should have fantastic conditions and warmer weather (meaning better lift) as we get further north.

Just like every year, Bobby Bailey, Rhett Radford and the Quest and Florida Ridge tug pilots will fly Dragonflies and the competition crew will drive all towing supplies to each location. We already have several drivers ready to team up for retrieve, so just contact me if you’re in need of a driver/team and we should be able to get everyone squared away. Of course, once it’s finished, tugs, crew and equipment will head back down to Florida, so we can help most people with transport back.  Or, you can join many of us and continue on north to the Chicago area for the Midwest Championships.  Some of the best of the best will be making the trek northward.


One response to “2011 Rally May 8-14

  • François Véronneau

    Hi Jamie, I did’nt know my subscription had work… I don’t think the payment is done yet? Could you check? And if not, tell me what to do, do I wait untill there is an official place for me, than pay? Anyway, I hope I’ll fly with you guys!
    François Véronneau

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