Maria’s Concierge Service

Making it Easier…

Like the last two years, we have reserved blocks of rooms at a preferred hotel at each Rally stop. Each pilot will need to call ahead once the task is set and book his/her individual room. We will provide all hotel information at the first pilot briefing on Saturday evening before the first task day and we will also try to send hotel names and phone numbers for reservations via text message once the daily task is set and we know where we will be going.

In addition, the lovely Maria has designed a new service that will allow you to focus on flying and having fun, while she does all the work dealing with your hotel reservations! To sign up for the service, you should contact Maria at The first choice of hotels will be where the staff lodges whenever possible. Maria will take are of all of the detailes for you and then send a text message with the confirmation of your reservation and any other important information. Imagine how much easier and more relaxing it will be having someone else take care of all of your hotel reservations!

The cost is $30 for the entire week (cash only). If you are interested get in touch with Maria by email ASAP, as she will only accept a limited number of pilots.


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