Day 2

We woke up this morning to total overcast (which in Florida can be nice because it keeps the ground from heating too fast and the sky from overdeveloping). By the time we arrived at Suwannee County Airport, it had all burned off and it was quite hot. The cu’s started popping around 11, in plenty of time for launch. We called Moultrie, Georgia as goal – about 112km north in a ENE wind.

Here's Tom Lanning in the launch line.

The folks at Suwannee County were fantastic…all but rolled out the red carpet for us. They have a grass strip south of the paved runway that they mowed special for us. It was the perfect place to set up and tow from. Jim, the airport manager, brought a couple of reporters out to get some pictures and interviews. They invited us to come have a full week comp there if we ever want to. It continues to amaze me how friendly and welcoming these airfields are.

Everyone got away with little hassle and quickly on course. I’m here at Moultrie now, just waiting for the lead gaggle to come in. They should be here within about 20 minutes.


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