Day 3

We have really been blessed with the weather this time around. Another gorgeous day in the heart of Georgia. Today’s goal was Jimmy Carter Field in Americus, Georgia. The former president had his peanut farm in this area so many things are named after him around here. This place is also famous for being the field where Charles Lindberg had his first solo flights. As for us, it’s famous because it’s our distance record for the Rally. This is as far as we’ve come in three years of trying – and we’re only on day 3. If we trust the forecasts, we’re sure to make Lookout Mountain this year. Everyone is tickled.

We had 47 very happy pilots at goal today!! All but four were in and two of the four that weren’t in had their personal best flights. What a day!!


One response to “Day 3

  • Tom

    I’m so glad that the comp is turning out so well of you. All that work and the one thing that cannot be controlled – soaring conditions – is pitching in to help. Awesome!

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