Day 4

The wind predicted for early today hasn’t materialized. In fact, it looks like we will have very little wind. The task is to Eufaula, Alabama, 91 km to the west southwest….state number 3! Because there are military operations there most weekdays, we cannot tow out of there tomorrow, so we will drive another hour on to Tuskegee, home of the famous Tuskegee Airmen.

Americus is a lovely, gigantic field with even more friendly southern folks. We’ve pretty much taken over the FBO and they don’t seem to mind one bit. The field is so huge, we can basically tow any direction we want from anywhere on the field.


One response to “Day 4

  • Paul guilmette

    I was able to observe in Suwannee county the other day and was quite amazed at what was going on. I would like to thank you for choosing our airport as a stop along your route. I do hope you plan some type of event here where you could stay longer. I would really be interested in finding out more about you sport by spending time with you guys. I believe you found conditions favorable here and I would like to pray for all of your safety and favorable conditions all e way to your destination. Thank you sincerely Paul Guilmette

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