Half Full

We’ve made it more than halfway to our goal at Lookout Mountain so far and it doesn’t look like there anything that will stop us from getting there this year! The forecast is calling for west wind today, which will keep us from going the direction we need to go. But, since we’re a day ahead of schedule, we can either fly a task locally, or fly straight north to Tomaston and then drive west to Tuskegee for tomorrow. Thursday would then be Tuskegee to Gadsden and then Friday we would make our way to Lookout Mountain. That just leaves a local task at Lookout for the final day. What could be more perfect?!


One response to “Half Full

  • Gary Osoba

    Wow Jamie!

    What a great demonstration of modern HG performance, pilot skills, and meet organization. Despite unfavorable winds and other weather challenges, you’re right on track and ahead of schedule.

    Here’s hoping everyone has great days and great flying for the remainder. How ’bout that Paris after many years of comp absence?!


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