Day 4

Bummer of a day yesterday. Julia from Russia came off the cart early and smashed in. She was taken by medivac to the hospital in Albany, about 45 minutes away. We were all so grateful that they found no broken bones or serious injuries. She’s just pretty beat up and sore. Everyone is wishing her a super quick recovery. Unfortunately, her glider has quite a lot of damage.

Special thanks to Jeff Shapiro and Jack Simmons who are medical professionals and looked after Julia while we waited for the ambulance.

Julia was about number 6 in the launch line and of course, we had to shut everything down pending her evacuation. By the time the helicopter was gone, it was nearly about 3:30pm. The task committee reset the times on the task as conditions were beautiful and we expected it was soarable until well into the evening. However, because of the chaos in the launch line (gliders moved all around for the helicopter and such), it seemed there was no fair way to get everyone lined up and launched in time for the task, so we cancelled the day. Looking back, we (meaning me) should have been preparing people to continue with the task. Had everyone been lined up and ready, we could have done it – most pilots still wanted to fly. Several guys went for a freeflight and said conditions were fantastic and cloud base was near 7500 ft.

According to many reports, today’s forecast looks “epic” (in the words of Shapiro ;-). We are briefing at 10am to be ready for a really long task. Unfortunately, it is now looking like Lookout Mountain isn’t within our reach as Friday and Saturday weather that direction is taking a turn for the worst :-(. But, we’re still holding out hope and we’ll know more with this morning’s forecast.


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