Days 5 and 6

Well, with all the flying we’ve been doing, I’ve done a terrible job of keeping up the blog. Obviously, we had two more days of fantastic flying and the Rally ended today under bad weather.

We ended up staying an extra day in Americus, Georgia after Julia’s accident. The airport put on a special BBQ lunch just for us and the weather was perfect there for another task, but this time the goal was to the east as weather was closing in on us to the west. Unfortunately, all of our hopes of reaching Lookout Mountain were fading. But, we had so many really nice options to the east where conditions were looking more promising. Vidalia Georgia, home of the sweet vidalia onion was the goal with a turnpoint at Cochran a little to the north for a total distance of 194km. Turns out it was the perfect task…tons of pilots made goal and everyone was happy, especially the town of Vidalia. Like many of the other spots in Georgia, they were amazingly welcoming. They even brought out Yumoin, the sweet vidalia onion

After a great party at a cool local restaurant called the Treehouse (which was actually a bit of a treehouse on the swamp) with loads of friendly southern bells for the boys, we prepared to head out of Vidalia on Day 6. We were within reach of the beach at Hilton Head, South Carolina, but the sea breeze and miles of swampy mangrove covered areas before the coastline would have made for a very iffy task. So instead we called a 136km task to Allendale, South Carolina, across the Georgia stateline into our third state.

It was a difficult task and only about a dozen or so made it in. There was quite a upset in the scores when Dustin landed about 25km short of goal and Paris (with a broken VG) only made it in an hour after the lead gaggle. Worse yet, Curt Warren hit a “wire slapper” as he called it that broke his instrument pod mount and sent his 6030 plummeting. Without a track log, he could only get distance points for making goal. With a track log, he would have been in second place 😦


One response to “Days 5 and 6

  • Mike

    Great Blog, enjoyed it a lot. Helped keep up with the rally. However will you go over the prize money again. The 4500 and 500 thing.

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