Final Day

We knew the forecast wasn’t looking good for the final day today, but we tried to hold out hope. We woke up this morning to clear skies, but high wind. Severe weather was supposed to be coming, but aside from the wind, the sky was looking fairly nice. By about 10am we realized it wasn’t going to happen though and called the day and set the prize giving for noon so that everyone could hit the road and start the long drive home.

As usual Jonny came out in first. Paris in one of his first meets in quite a few years was back in form quickly and came in second, just 28 points ahead of Carl in third place. The prize giving was short, but fun. David announced that $4500 was going to the third place pilot, with the remaining $500 to be split between first and second 😉

We can only hope for such good conditions next year. As we drove Kraig to the airport in Atlanta, we watched the supercells developing and dumping heavy rain. I guess we made the right call, but it was sad that such a great week of flying had to come to an end.


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