How to Email Your Tracklog for Scoring

Just in case you would like to download your own tracklog and send it in each night, here are some instructions from maria, master scorekeeper.  

  • Email Address:
  • File Extension: I’d rather receive the tracks as an IGC file because it will contain more detailed information and this could be helpful in case of flight verification. However, if you are not able to do it, go ahead and send it as a KML file!
  • Comp ID: it’s your pilot number for this competition. You will see it in your waypoint list, under  COMPID. When you press “enter” on this COMPID waypoint, you will find the number!
  • File Name: When you save your track on your computer, please use either your first and/or last name (nicknames welcome too!) then a “.” period, then your COMPID, “.” period again and then the extension name. For example (all of the following are good):
    • LarryBunner.9.igc   or   LarryBunner.9.kml
    • Bunner.9.igc   or  Bunner.9.kml
    • Larry.9.igc   or  Larry.9.kml (include your first and last name if you have a common first name)
    • KillaBee. 9.igc  or  KillaBee.9.kml

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