Travel Plans for Sunday/Monday

The Meet Director and task committee have spent the day toiling over weather forecasts for the entire southwest section of the country.  Unfortunately, the weather gods are not smiling on us.  Further north the wind is stronger, further south it is at least as strong.  Here at Quest, we expect conditions to remain much like they were today for the next day or possibly even two.  With that in mind, the current plan is to move to Dunnellon, Florida – Marion County Airport.  This airfield is only about an hour and a half drive from Quest, so conditions will be similar to here – the only difference is that the field is gigantic, wide-open and oriented directly into the forecast wind, so we feel this place gives us the most hope of getting a task in.

So, pilots have the choice of driving there today – there are plenty of reasonable motels and we will text preferred hotel info by this evening – or staying at Quest and driving to Dunnellon in the morning.  We will have a task committee briefing at 10am and will review the updated forecast at that time.  We will also have a pilot briefing at 11am at Dunnellon UNLESS weather conditions are updated tonight and things change drastically.  So, please be prepared to be flexible.  Things could change, but hopefully they won’t and we will brief at Dunnellon Airport at 11am and hopefully fly a task.

Dunnellon Airport coordinates are:

N29 3.809
W81 22.631


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