Finally We Rally!

Well, it’s been a really tough couple of days for the task committee.  The weather hasn’t permitted the kind of rallying we had last year and it’s disappointing.  But, we have been able to get a few great tasks off.

Yesterday, we stayed around Quest with a 100km squarish task coming back to home.  There were many many happy pilots, with around 40 in goal.  Although it was a bummer not moving, it sure was nice to hang out at Quest.  The crew got a chance to fly a bit after working their butts off the past few days and we all enjoyed watching the (sometimes extremely close) final glides back into the flight park.  It was a nice reminder of the great times we used to have at the Flytec Championships at Quest for so many years.

Today was the first day we could start heading north.  We didn’t get the nice south winds that are common this time of year in central Florida, but a relatively light southwest wind enabled the task committee to call a goal at Williston, after a little dogleg over John Travolta’s house in Ocala.  Unfortunately, there was quite a bit more headwind than expected turning west toward Williston, so no one made it into goal.  The closest were the dozen or so that landed around the horse ranches 20km short of goal.

Tomorrow we’ll fly from Live Oak, hopefully to Moultrie, Georgia, one of my favorite stops.  It will be nice to finally make our way out of Florida.


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