Flytec Championship

May 17 – 23, 2013

We’re baaaaaack……

Most pilots will remember the Flytec Championship held at Quest Air in Florida for many years during the 90’s and early 2000’s.  We all loved those days and the great fun we had at that competition year after year…so we’re going to revive it!  As most know, we still cannot get permission to hold a competition at Quest Air, but after three years of Rally’ing, we’ve found another location that we think is every bit as great.  Don’t worry, the Flytec Race & Rally isn’t gone forever.  We’ve just decided to take a year or so off and settle in a bit at a location that has provided the best weather conditions and most welcoming airport and local town.

Americus, Georgia is right in the center of the state amidst green rolling hills, wide open landing fields and super friend southern locals.  Just over two hours drive from Atlanta international airport, the location is easy for everyone to reach.  Atlanta is a huge hub airport, so flights in are a breeze.  We would also encourage whoever might be interested, to fly into Orlando and have a few days flying at Quest Air, and/or go for some long distances and fly north from Quest to Americus.  It can’t likely be done in one flight, but you never know…..Jonny?….Dustin? ;-).  We’re working on arranging one tug to follow any pilots up that want to make a go of flying to Americus rather than driving.  So, if you don’t make it all the way, there could be a tug available to tow you up and give it another shot the next day.  So, keep that option in mind.

Otherwise, plan on a fantastic week of flying at Americus.  Each year we’ve passed through Americus on the Rally, we’ve had some of the best weather conditions of the entire competition.  Because it sits in the center of the state in a beautiful small town surrounded by open fields, we can call tasks in absolutely any direction.  We’re familiar with many of the surrounding airfields and can have great long out tasks (remember the fun we had with Yumion the Onion in Vidalia in 2011?) or nice big circuits bringing us back to Americus.

Many probably aren’t aware that Cordele, Georgia (just 30 km to the east of Americus) is home to various major sailplane competitions.  We have worked closely with these competition organizers to determine the best dates for the Flytec Championship.  By all accounts, the last two weeks of May are statistically the best weeks for soaring in central Georgia and we expect beautiful conditions.

The first thing you might notice about the dates of the Flytec Championship is that we’re not doing the usual Sunday to Saturday meet.  There’s a very good reason for that and we’ll be posting more details on it soon (remember the Flytec Race of Champions held at Quest Air several years ago??).  So, the first day of the Flytec Championship will be Friday, May 17th. We’ll hopefully fly seven tasks with the last on Thursday May 23rd.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday are then reserved for the Flytec Race of Champions.  The Race of Champions will be an invitation/qualifying only meet (again, more details on that shortly).  But, because it is on the weekend, we would encourage everyone, regardless of whether you’ll fly in this event, to stick around and enjoy the fun.  We’ll have BBQs and free flying and you’ll be able to watch the hotshots speed into goal back at Souther Field on each of the three days of the event.  We may even set up some small contests/$$ (separate tasks or spot landing, for instance) for those not taking part in the Race of Champions.

We also hope to have tugs up at Americus a few days before the competition starts.  Feel free to come up and do some free flying to get a feel for the area before the competition starts.  Since there is no Rob Kells Memorial competition this year, we’ll fill in that extra week with free flying before the Flytec Championships as well as all the events of the Race of Champions.

We’re really excited about this new event and hope you’ll all come out and join for a few weeks of great fun, flying and friends in central Georgia!


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