Race of Champions

Anyone that has been around since the good ole’ days of the Flytec Championship at Quest Air will remember our first Race of Champions in 2007.  Back then we invited the top 30 pilots from the Flytec Championship to compete in a 3-day elimination race.  Day 1 we eliminated the bottom 10, leaving just 20.  Day 2 we eliminated the bottom ten again and of course, the final day it was just the top ten best of the best!  We had great fun and thanks to Flytec USA awarded $10,000 in prize money.

Every year since then we’ve wanted to do it again but because we’ve been Rallying, it just wasn’t possible.

Well, now that we’re hanging out in one place this year, we’re really excited to do another  3-day Flytec Race of Champions following the regular 7 day competition at Americus!!  Things will be a little different than last time, but at least as much fun.  We will invite 30 top pilots from around the world to compete for another very big dollar prize.  We don’t have the exact figure yet.  We’re working on, and shooting for $10,000 again, but Flytec USA is committed with us to have at least $7,500.    If we don’t fill the Race with invited pilots, any remaining spots will be offered to the top 30 pilots at the Flytec Championship – so bring your competitive spirit to that comp to get yourself a spot if you haven’t already been invited.

This year, the Race will be a team event (teams of 2 pilots).  But, unlike CIVL Cat 1 comps, YOU get to choose your teammate.  You don’t have to pair up with some dork just because he happens to come from the same country – you can team up with your best buddy from the other side of the planet (think Jonny Durand and Kraig Coomber), your fellow factory pilot (Dustin & Zippy) or your bromance (the Jeffs!).  The important thing to remember is that, like certain cycling competitions, only the slowest pilot on the team is scored.  This will encourage everyone to stick with their teammates – to help dig them out of a hole or just drag their asses along the course.  We got this idea from the Brasilians at the last Race of Champions who decided amongst themselves that they would help each other out and split the winnings – on the final day, two of them crossed the finish line wingtip to wingtip and it made for a great show for the spectators.

If you aren’t one of the top 30 pilots (or even the top 3000, as is my case), you can still stick around for the Race of Champions and enjoy watching teams in this highly competitive race for big bucks!  We’ll have plenty of dragonflies hanging around after the Flytec Championship to tow up free fliers after the Race pilots have gone on course.  We’ll also try to organize some fun tasks and spot landing contests along with BBQ’s out at the airport.  Remember, Americus has had some of the nicest flying conditions of any location we’ve visited during the Rally and we expect some fantastic flying!

So, make sure you plan on staying in Amercus for the Flytec Race of Champions:

Who:  Invited pilots and top finishers at the Flytec Championship
When: May 24-25-26 (Friday through Sunday immediately following the Flytec Championship
Where:  Americus, Georgia – Souther Field


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