Calling All Sport Class Pilots

For the first time in a long while, we’re including a Sport Class at the Flytec Championship this year.  We think Americus is an ideal location with the giant airfield and plenty of wide open, flat landing fields.  From what we’re hearing, it shouldn’t be a problem to get enough pilots for a valid sport class and perhaps kick those South Americans out of their top spots in the CIVL sport rankings (see the rankings here)!  We’ll have a few special prizes for sport class day winners and perhaps even a small bit of prize $$!

And, for anyone that doesn’t already know, the CIVL has officially sanctioned the first ever Sport Class World Championships to be held in conjunction with the Women’s and Class 2/5 World Championships in Annecy, France July 2014.  The pre-worlds will be held this coming July if you want to check out the place in advance.  So, what better way to start preparing yourself for your first Category 1 event!!


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