Advanced Landing Clinic

Advanced Landing Clinic at Comps

 by Mitch Shipley, Ph.D.

Overview:   Intended for the intermediate/advanced rated pilot on a higher performance glider.  Thorough review of theory, backed up by video review, of how hang gliders are (and are not!) effectively landed.  Repeated (8-10 tows) practice landings with full HD video review over a three or four day period.

Provided:  ET system, ET operator, Videographer/retrieval crew, Launch carts and retrieval back to the line

Elements Emphasized:

  • Airspeed and Angle of Attack Control
  • Transition of hands
  • Rounding out into ground effect
  • Flaring (one style does NOT fit all situations!)


  • Night before (or morning of) first day : 30-60 min review of landing techniques and theory
  • Morning landing practice (0800 till pilots meeting) with goal of > 2 landings for each pilot
  • Evening video reviews of days landings
  • Repeat for 3 to 4 days in order to get everybody 8-10 landings

Price:  $150 each up to 3 pilots, $125 for 4-6 pilots, $100 for more than 7


Goal:  Repeated (~ 10) landing practice with video review and professional instruction to cement in good landing techniques for high performance gliders – all for less than the price of a downtube(s)!


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