Day 1

Pretty good start to the first ever Flytec Americus Cup!  After a fair amount of unpredicted cloudiness yesterday, we were unsure if we would get the nice conditions that were forecast for today.  But, we had a nice cu filled sky for the 110 kilometer downwind run.  With the usual first day wrinkles to be ironed out, everyone was pretty late getting out to the flight line.  Luckily, there was some high cloudiness we wanted to let pass anyway, so we delayed launch and start times by a half an hour to make sure it would be easy enough to stick.  Thanks to the best tug pilots on the planet, all sixty competitors were airborne in just over an hour.

Thanks to sixty awesome pilots, we had a huge percentage at goal or pretty darn close to goal. By the time I arrived, many were already packed up, so I didn’t get a count.  But, I would guess at least half the field was there. Pippo came in first with Glen and Andre racing each other for the second in spot.  Apparently, Christian was in with a faster time, but probably won’t beat Pippo and his leading points.  All of the usuals were there with a few exceptions :-(.  Zippy got his bad day out of the way early again, landing about 15 km short.  Larry Bunner also went down early.

Maria is working on the scores now and we’ll have them up as quick as we can.




Not a bad looking sky on course as we got the last few stragglers in the air.



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