Americus, Georgia

I sincerely hope the less than ideal weather conditions we had this week won’t discourage pilots from coming out to Americus again next year.  Although we flew 6 out of 7 days, we have had nicer conditions on previous years coming through here.

Everything else about this beautiful little country town has been perfect.  Having never seen hang gliding in this area, everyone we encountered was thrilled to see us and I can’t imagine how the townspeople, local businesses, Chamber of Commerce and especially the airport managers – Frankie & Stephanie Williams – could possibly have been more hospitable.  The airport treated the pilots to a pizza lunch yesterday – every other day, we had a local BBQ joint that delivered lunches to pilots before launch time.  Even on the day when the President of Bolivia flew in to meet with former president Carter, no one asked us to get out of the way, or shut down towing  or anything of the sort.  Many of us took pictures with the Bolivian secret service and a few even popped into town to meet the the President himself and take pictures with him.  A few Italians looked at me when the presidential jet was landing and just shook their heads and said “this would NEVER” happen in Italy.  Well, I don’t know of any other place in the US where this would happen either!!

Everyone from the airport management to the tourism board and the county fire chief are talking to me about what they can do to get us to come back next year.  We’ll definitely be back…we love Americus!




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