Day 7

Today’s forecast called for fairly strong wind and some were a little concerned about towing conditions.  But, it’s hard to turn down a flight when the sky is perfectly filled with little cu’s that looked nice and high. With the strong wind, the task committee called a long (non-BBQ) downwind task of 171km to the southeast – similar to the epic task we had from Americus to Vidalia two years ago.

But, by the time we were wrapping up the towing, it was already apparent that a new airmass was moving in.  The clouds were thinning out as the sky dried up.  As towing was finished, I jumped in the car to head toward goal only to find complete blue around the airfield.  I could see the clouds remained good in the direction of courseline and hoped that the entire field would be riding the line of clouds all the way to goal.  It’s always so much fun to go on chase thinking everyone will get there.  But, as is often the case, I was overly optimistic.  Following the trackers on my iPad I could see that those who left on the first starts were making really good time across the ground and those that got stuck or left later were super slow moving.  Dustin and Glen had a tough time at the start and didn’t get away when the lift was good.  Dustin whined that he fought low in broken, weak lift until he just couldn’t hold on any longer and landed short of the halfway point.  Aside from the expected goal finishers (Christian, Jonny and Andre), there were several others that were super happy to be there.

Here’s a little sample of the sky with the sport class pilots cued up to launch. photo


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