US National Team Fund Raiser

Flytec USA, along with myself, Davis Straub and the folks at Quest Air are looking to raise a bit of money for our US national team headed to the world championships in Valle de Bravo next month. We will be conducting a silent auction for one entry fee into each of the Flytec Race & Rally, Quest Air Open, Big Spring Nationals and Santa Cruz Flats Race competitions.

Registration is open for the Flytec Race & Rally and the Quest Air Open, so if you’re planning on going to either of these comps, or any of the Cat 2 sanctioned US comps this coming season, why not put in a bid and support our US national team. Opening bids for each of the entry fees is $250, so you could potentially save yourself a few bucks….or better yet, thrown in a bit more and help out our team pilots.

Donations for the winning bids will be made through the USHPA at

If you don’t compete or you don’t plan to attend any of these competitions, you can still donate to the team and we’ll put your name into a bonus drawing for a variety of cool schwag from Flytec, Wills Wing and Moyes.  And the real bonus is that the Foundation for Freeflight will match your contribution!  So, if you want to donate $500, the Foundation will match your $500 donation and the team will get $1000!

We will take silent bids by email to from today through February 15th. So dig deep and help out the boys heading to the worlds in Mexico.  We have a solid team this time around and high hopes to top their silver medal winning performance at the last worlds in Forbes.


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