Fundraiser Update

Organizer Terry Reynolds has also generously donated one entry fee into the Dinosaur competition.  So, that makes 5 competitions.  If you’re planning on going to any of these competitions make sure and put a bid in – you could save yourself a few bucks and support the national team in the process.

There was a bit of confusion about how the auction works.  Feel free to email me if you have questions, but here is the deal:  We accept “bids” by email (to from now until the end of February.  The minimum bid is $250.  The average cost of an entry into the competitions is about $300, so if your bid is the lowest, you could save $50 and help the boys out in Mexico.  I don’t have many bids yet and your chances are good to win of the entries, so hurry up and send in your bid.  Make sure you specify which competition entry you’re bidding on.  The highest bid for each of the competitions wins one entry into that comp.   If your bid is the winner, you donate your winning bid price to the team via the USHPA website at and The Foundation for Freeflight will match your donation.  So, if your winning bid is $289, the team gets $578 – everyone wins!!


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