We Love Carrots

….more than sticks ;-).  So, a quick update on uploading your tracklog during the Rally.  Of course if you’re a techy and want to email us your track log the moment you land, that’s fantastic, we’ll take it!  It’s pretty simple, but we’ll put up very detailed instructions on how to do it here on the blog soon.

Meanwhile, if you prefer to just let someone else do it for you, hey, that’s what we’re here for and that’s what you’re paying for, so we will gladly do it for you.  Various crew members will be driving along courseline toward the next stop and if we see you beside the road in a nice grassy field, we’ll stop and trade your instrument for a icy beverage and download it on the way to goal….that way, you don’t have to rush to get it to us.  You can pick it up at goal so you can get the batteries recharged for the next day.

If you make goal, just come on over to the scoring table (we’ll have one all ready – hopefully before you even get there) where you can trade your instrument for an ice cold goal bear (or Coke, or water).


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