Day 1

And we’re off!!  We called a very early briefing (9am) because initially it looked like it would be soarable early and we would need to outrun some afternoon storms.  Turns out we probably should have launched around 11am, but it didn’t look overly fantastic at that point so we stalled things until a more normal time.  Unfortunately, that meant waiting out a few small cells that dumped rain on us briefly.  In the end, launch started at 3pm – super late, but that was the best we could hope for under the circumstances….and, it was pretty decent call.  Although the task was small, it was appropriate in the weather we had and about 20 made it to goal in McGin.  More importantly everyone was happy to be up there and actually starting on course to the north.




James Stinnett won the day with Oleg a close second and Pedro in third.  The scores don’t reflect that because Oleg had an instrument problem and hasn’t given his backup yet.  Young Cory Barnwell – multiple-time ladies choice award winner and recent graduate from the sport class – was in goal with the big boys.  Ollie Chitty, our other young gun here for the first time from the UK was also in nice and fast.  All scores are up at


We found a great little pizzaria with craft beers and a huge terrace under a clear warm night sky to top it all off.




Tomorrow we fly from Dunnellon airfield, hopefully north toward the ultimate goal at Lookout Mountain!


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