Day 2

We got lucky again with the weather on Day 2.  So far, each day the forecast for the next day looks bad, but by the time we get there, it’s not that bad at all.  We flew from Dunnellon airport up to one of our favorite Florida stops, Live Oak (although goal was actually about 15km east of the airfield to try to avoid the seabreeze and pushing any more into the wind than we already were).  Dunnellon is huge and wide open and like most airfields we’re stopping at, they let us have the run of the place.  We tow off the old tarmac runway here, which makes it really fun for the cart runners – they get a real workout chasing those carts a few hundred meters down the runway.

The sky looked perfect as we towed the last competitor in the air and although it was a fairly long one, we expected more than a few in goal 137km up the state.  But, the forecast called for a chance of overdevelopment and thunderstorms further north late in the afternoon.  With fingers crossed, I drove north spotting many of them overhead zigging and zagging to avoid the cells developing on either side of courseline.  By mid-afternoon the clouds filled the majority of the sky and the lift was shutting down. Only Pedro and Oleg made goal, with many other top guys scattered along behind, just short of goal.



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