Day 3

Still moving north and hoping we can keep it up.  Today was Live Oak to Moultrie, Georgia and yes, we finally crossed our first state line, flying 117km to the northwest.  Unfortunately, it was a difficult headwind task and like yesterday, only two made it in.  But this time it was Jonny and Larry Bunner, with yesterday’s leaders falling a bit short.  This will move Jonny up into first place.

Jeff Shapiro describe the flight as a “bar fight”….yeah, I guess it was quite a trudge upwind and really impressive that so many made it so far.  With Jonny and Larry making it in today, this means that so far the collective “we” (being at least a couple of pilots) have flown the entire Rally course from Quest – just not the same pilots every day.  Let’s hope we can do that the entire route with someone (hopefully many) at goal every day.

We were all happy to cross the state line into peach country and found the usual southern hospitality at a local bar & grill.  It’s a blast that we all get to hang out together for dinner and downloads every night – it’s half the fun of the Rally.

Here’s our “mountain”…with a Learjet squeaking in behind.  Our tug pilots are awesome!  After getting all the competitors in the air and on course, they fly the course themselves and are all ready to do it again the next day.  If you want to see where the tugs are each day (and many of the competitors), check out the shared SPOT tracker page at    JRS_1580





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