Day 4

Great to be back in Moultrie, Georgia.  This is a beautiful huge airfield where we have been on each of the previous Rallies.  Unfortunately, it has always been windy there and the forecast originally called for significant wind today.  Luckily, it was lighter than what they called for and totally manageable, just not the direction we would have liked.  So, the task committee originally called a 180km task all the way to Vidalia to the east.  But just before the breifing, 2 of the 3 were second guessing and I was hoping for a very doable task that would have a lot in goal.  The previous two days have been hard work with only 2 in each day, so having a bunch in goal was what we wanted.  So, they cut the task down by 40km to the little town of Hazlehurst. I was pleased with the call because we had quite a few happy guys in goal (probably 20 or so) and 140 km is plenty anyway.  Young Cory Barnwell even made goal and had a PB!  We had a quick drive the rest of the way to Vidalia then to dinner to enjoy our favorite Tree House restaurant where we partied last time we came through here 4 years ago.

In other news, Dustin was super fast in, but had a strange problem with his instrument and it deleted his tracklog.  He didn’t have a back up :-(.  He was not a happy camper.

Tomorrow is looking potentially windy, so it’s hard to say whether we’ll fly.  Everyone I’ve heard from seems to be up for a little rest day anyway.






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