Final Day

Well, we had a pretty good run. Once again, we didn’t make Lookout Mountain and actually didn’t even make any new airfields, but we sure did have a great time with some beautifully called tasks under fantastic skies. Unfortunately, this morning we woke up to an updated windier forecast that expected.  We had desperately hoped to fly west into Alabama for the last day, but could quickly see that the wind was likely to stop us.  Although the direction was pretty good, it was just too strong and gusty to safely tow or land in.  After an hour or so of waiting and watching, we called the day.  It’s always a sad way to end a comp, but we also didn’t want to end on a really sour note like an accident, so we thought a nice BBQ lunch at Americus airport, followed by the prize-giving was the best option.

There were heaps of people that made this all possible.  We have a fantastic, nearly all girl crew of Trudy, Karly, Alaina, Nicole and Kayla along with Steve Kroop our launch director this year, Timothy who handled all of the air traffic control and Davis Straub giving us the weather information we needed to figure out where to go.  Deserving of a very special mention though, is my right hand man Mitch Shipley.  Instead of competing this year as he normally does, Mitch generously agreed to jump in and take so much of the load off of my shoulders. Mitch was the Meet Director and scorekeeper and in all honesty, I couldn’t have done it without him.  Thanks a million Mitch!!!

We don’t really know what we’ll do next year – we could rally, we could go back to Americus or we could do something totally different.  We’ll see how things pan out.  But for now, thanks everyone who joined us in all of this craziness and we hope you had as much fun as we did.

Here are the top dogs – Jonny in first, Oleg in second and Pedro in third place.  Excellent job boys!



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